Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Woman goes ballistic and physically attacks Black family members at gender reveal party

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The women of “The View” can’t understand why there’s a need for another presidential debate when President Donald Trump can’t control himself enough to speak rationally on the issues.

“This Thursday night y’all the final presidential debate of election 2020 — thank the Lord,” said Whoopi Goldberg.

She noted that the new rules are supposed to keep Trump silent but he’s already complaining about moderator Kristen Welker saying she has “Democratic bias.”

“What the hell, man? who is this for? Is this just because people are used to it?” Goldberg asked.

“What is the purpose of it?” asked Joy Behar. “Well, it’s Trump’s last chance — it’s his last card. He has no other cards to play. The question is how many lies can he fit into the two minutes. The uninterrupted time is going to be a spotlight on the ‘Wizard of Oz.’ The curtain is being pulled back. In this type of debate, in this type of format, he has to have rational arguments and coherent information. He doesn’t have that. The guy — all he does is yell at people, call people names and lie. Let them ask him about the stimulus bill. He’ll have to phone a friend. You know, call Nancy Pelosi, maybe she can help you. The other thing is he’s so jealous of Dr. [Anthony] Fauci. He’s so jealous he can hardly speak. It’s like the older brother, the one that was preferred by the father. Who does Trump have her loves him? James Woods and John Voight and Chachi? The rest of the world loves Fauci.”


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