Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Republican ‘hero’ who helped stop terror attack faces questions over ‘affiliations’ to right-wing extremists

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said most of the people he grew up hate President Donald Trump, but they’re voting for him anyway.

The “Morning Joe” host said they share many of his concerns about the president and his fitness for office, but he said they always offer excuses for holding their nose and voting to give him four more years.

“It’s good talking to them and just saying, so why are you voting for this man?” Scarborough said. “‘Well, he’s a terrible guy, he’s a horrible example for my kids, I’d never invite him over to the house, he’s despicable — I hate him, I just hate him,’ but and then, fill in the blank, AOC or Nancy Pelosi or Bernie Sanders or regulations or tax cuts or 401(k)s, and I say, so, well, we have right now a president of the United States who is demanding that his attorney general arrest the former vice president of the United States, his chief political competitor. This is something that happens or happened in the former Soviet Union, this is something that happens still in Russia.”


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