Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Republicans know they may face a sweeping defeat in two weeks — but their latest pseudo-scandal may keep hope alive for 2022

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On Wednesday, Politico reported that allies of President Donald Trump are warning that his endless stream of rallies are doing nothing to earn him more support, and may be actively hurting it.

“Trump views rallies in battleground states as the linchpin of his closing argument, a means to excite his supporters and ensure they vote on Nov. 3,” reported Nancy Cook. “But many Republicans close to the White House, former senior administration officials and political advisers say the rallies are largely a way to keep the unscripted and undisciplined president occupied, since they do little to persuade new Trump voters. Rallies, they note, do not woo senior citizens, independents or suburban women, many of whom have moved away from the Trump ticket this election cycle. Most of Trump’s rallies are no longer televised nationally as they once were.”


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