Friday, November 27, 2020
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Biden is offering ‘Xanax for Americans’ who are ‘exhausted’ by Trump: CNN panel

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Alice Roberts lost her police officer husband Rob to COVID-19, and she’s “disgusted” by President Donald Trump’s reaction to his own infection.

The New Jersey teacher published a widely circulated essay that blamed the president for the loss suffered by her family and more than 220,000 others since the coronavirus pandemic began — and she begged Trump supporters to recognize his failures.

“I plead with you to remember his lack of action after learning the true dangers of the virus in January,” she wrote. “Consider the long-term consequences that his failed pandemic response has had on first responders, doctors, nurses, workers, students, teachers, and families. Think of how much more we still stand to lose if we re-elect President Trump who, time and again, has shown us who he is, mask off.”


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