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GOP lawmaker setting up PAC to battle Trump wing of the party: report

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<p><br/>”I need to share with you that I spoke to Congresswoman Greene yesterday via Zoom,” she began. “After attending a national gun survivors kickoff this past Friday I gave an interview where I said that I would be more than willing to speak face to face with Congresswoman Greene, and when I was driving back to my office I decided to call my congressman and see if he could possibly make that happen.”<br/><br/>”Well, he did, and when we started our conversation I was totally upfront and told Congresswoman Greene that I was going to be on MSNBC today. Parameters were set and the only topic discussed would be the school shootings at Parkland and Sandy Hook and that the conversation would be totally confidential,” she explained. “Our talk went very well, it was friendly and cordial, and at the end I asked her what she wanted me to say about our conversation when I go on MSNBC tomorrow and her answer to me was say whatever you want, and I asked her again. I said ‘are you sure? Just let me know what it is that you want me to be able to share about our conversation’ and she said again ‘say whatever you want’ and here I am and that’s what I’m going to do.”<br/><br/> “My first question to Congresswoman Greene was ‘do you really believe that Parkland and Sandy Hook were false flags and staged?'” she recalled. “That was a real important question to me; to this moment i cannot fathom that somebody could say something like that. Her answer was unequivocally ‘no, I do not.’ So did I believe Congresswoman Greene when she said they were not false flags or staged events? I very much wanted to, and I wanted to be able to believe her, so I asked her if she would come on air with me today and make a public statement, you know. I just said, ‘you know what, if that’s really, really what you believe. then come on air and tell the public just that.’ Well, her statement is clear because here I am with you and she’s not here right now.”<br/><br/> “You know, Alex, truth is power, and if Congresswoman Greene believes that Parkland and Sandy Hook were, in fact real events, she would be willing to say that publicly, and her failure tells me that for Congresswoman Greene politics trumps truth because lies and conspiracy theories are more important to her than honesty,” she added.<br/><br/>Watch below:</p><p><br/></p><p class=”shortcode-media shortcode-media-youtube”>
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