Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Newt Gingrich faces furious backlash for saying Maxine Waters is ‘part of lynch mob trying to destroy’ Marjorie Taylor Greene

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<p>”The rally had taken on new branding, the March to Save America, and other groups were joining in, among them the Republican Attorneys General Association,” <em>The Times</em> reported. “Its policy wing, the Rule of Law Defense Fund, promoted the event in a robocall that said, ‘We will march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal,’ according to a recording obtained by the progressive investigative group <a href=”” target=”_blank” title=””>Documented</a>.”<br/></p><p>Allies of Steve Bannon, Jennifer Lawrence and Dustin Stockton were working with Women for America First, founded by Amy Kremer and run by her daughter Kylie Jane Kremer.</p><p>”Mr. Stockton said he was surprised to learn on the day of the rally that it would now include a march from the Ellipse to the Capitol,” said <em>The Times</em>. “Before the White House became involved, he said, the plan had been to stay at the Ellipse until the counting of state electoral slates was completed.”</p><p>Some of the speakers from the group would be the night before because Trump’s involvement meant his speech would take precedence. </p><p>”What we’re doing is unprecedented,” Cindy Chafian of the 80 Percent Coalition, when the event began. “We are standing at the precipice of history, and we are ready to take our country back.” <br/></p><p>She ultimately told Trump through the crowd, “We heard your call. We are here for you.”</p><p>These are likely just some of the facts expected to be addressed in the second impeachment trial of Trump. </p><p><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Read the full New York Times report. </a></p>



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