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GOP Leader: We won’t remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments

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<p>”There was a deep pleasure I felt watching someone shut down the liars because the lies have resulted in deaths,” Wallace said with a chuckle. “But I wonder what you [Rick Wilson] think about the fact that it’s only a company threatening massive fines than getting them to bad down.”</p><p>Wilson mocked the conservatives, saying that it only took a $1.3 billion lawsuit to get them to stop lying on air, generating conspiracy theories and promoting propaganda. </p><p>”You know, watching that interview, you know, Mike Lindell has been rewarded by television coverage for the last six, eight months over this crazy set of theories, and when you’re too nuts for Newsmax, you’re too nuts. Watching that happen and watching the fear in their eyes that a lawsuit was going to be brought. I guarantee you Chris ruddy was offstage — was going, ‘Off! Off!’ Because these guys — he was steering them into another billion worth of legal jeopardy.”</p><p>Wallace noted that working back from that, today an officer was honored for dying during the insurrection, but the tone from conservatives hasn’t changed. Wilson noted that when the officer’s body was still warm, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) still voted that Trump won the election. </p><p>Axios reporter Alexi McCammond noted that this is where the Republican Party is now and that’s why Republican leaders are turning toward conspiracy theories. </p><p>”What’s going to continue to encourage congressional Republicans to follow in this path they want — that’s where their folks are,” she explained. “We saw before the election Fox News viewers going to all these right-wing places where they feel safe because they couldn’t possibly deal with reality. It’s so dangerous but so rich to see Newsmax, of all places which has peddled this information, had Trump’s so-called lawyers, who weren’t good at what they were doing, on to perpetuate the lies, and now they’re saying, ‘No, no, it’s too much!’ It’s way too let for them to step out. They have helped to perpetuate this culture in giving people a new home to go to, and it’s way too late for them to step back from this.”</p><p>See the discussion below: </p><p><br/></p><p class=”shortcode-media shortcode-media-youtube”>
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<small class=”image-media media-caption” placeholder=”Add Photo Caption…”>Way too late for Newsmax to shutdown the lies</small>
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