Monday, November 23, 2020
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Georgia Republican mocks GOP senator: Most suburban moms are ‘still working on their first jet’

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Speaking to Philadelphia, Pennslyvania Wednesday evening, former President Barack Obama mocked President Donald Trump for complaining about how far he had to travel to the state the other night.

“You know, I know the president spent some time in Erie last night,” said Obama. “Apparently, he complained about having to travel here. And then he cut the event short, poor guy. I don’t feel that way.”

Trump told his crowd the only reason he was in the state was that his campaign was failing and he was scared he was going to lose.

“Before the plague came in, I had it made. I wasn’t coming to Erie,” said Trump. “I mean, I have to be honest, there’s no way I was coming. I didn’t have to. I would’ve called you and said, ‘Hey, Erie. You know, if you have a chance, get out and vote.’ We had this thing won. We got hit with the plague, and I had to go back to work. ‘Hello, Erie, may I please have your vote?'”


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