Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Ohio COVID hearing goes off the rails as anti-maskers whine about losing access to favorite cheesy bread

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<p>”It was disappointing by factor of a thousand,” said Kinzinger, one of the ten Republicans who <a href=”” target=”_blank”>voted to impeach</a> former President Donald Trump. “I don’t like to reveal a ton of conference details, but she stood up and kind of gave a bit of contriteness, but then it pivoted into, they’re coming after you next. And my — obviously, I had a huge problem with all of that. But, you know, the quote-unquote ‘they’ being the Democrats, I think if you’re not buying into Jewish space lasers and false flag operations and QAnon stuff, to think they’re just going to come after you next, I think, is way a bridge too far. Look, I wish this vote on the floor, you know today to remove her committees was something that we didn’t have to do, because it would have been done by our side, but to see, you know, her come out of there in this strong position was crazy.”</p><p>”You said disappointing by factor of a thousand,” said Berman. “What exactly was disappointing to you?”</p><p>”I mean, look, at least half the room didn’t stand up and applaud her. That’s something, I guess,” said Kinzinger. “But you know, to see people at the end of it just be all in on Marjorie Taylor Greene. Look, I get it. She’s a Republican in your mind and you want to defend her, but my goodness, look at what’s been said. And if she came out again today publicly and was very contrite and remorseful, that’s very different than doing it just in front of, you know, your colleagues but then going out and tweeting whatever you want because your base shouldn’t know what you really said in there.”</p><p> Watch below:
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