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Newsmax host throws fit over McDonald’s fish sandwich — then storms out when workers call him ‘Male Karen’

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<p> McCarthy said that Greene apologized for her conspiracy theories in the caucus meeting but didn’t say whether she intended to apologize to Americans and disavow her QAnon conspiracy theories.
</p><p> “To me, it looks as if it’s still the Trump party,” said Joy Behar. “She’s not stupid, this MTG person. She tweeted that she went to visit Trump, and that really scared the bejesus out of all these lame-o’s in the Republican congress there, scared that they would lose their jobs, and, you know, that’s the way it goes.”
</p><p> She went on to say that the private apology isn’t the way it works.
</p><p> “I don’t believe anything about that,” said Behar. “I don’t like a private apology, okay? I didn’t hear it. You didn’t hear it. As far as I’m concerned she didn’t say it because <a href=”” target=”_blank”>I don’t believe Kevin McCarthy.”</a>
</p><p> Conservative Meghan McCain agreed, saying that she too doesn’t think the so-called “private apology” is what is warrented.
</p><p> “What Joy was saying about Greene of her apology in private is 100 percent correct,” she said. “If you want to apologize for all the garbage and bile that you have said and then put our party through at the same time, do it publicly, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>and Kevin McCarthy,</a> you let Liz Cheney vacillate until the 11th hour, and then at the 11th hour said, ‘Oh, okay. We should rally behind her.’ He had plenty of ample opportunities to do this over the last few weeks and he decided not to! <a href=”” target=”_blank”>The idea that he came in and saved Liz Cheney</a> is something that I personally don’t go for.”
</p><p> McCain also said that what the vote for Cheney shows her is that <a href=”” target=”_blank”>the GOP is still not the Matt Gaetz party</a>, they’re cowards.
</p><p> “What that says to me is there’s a lot of people going on TV saying different things, then they’re privately voting, and it was a private vote,” McCain said about members saying one then and then doing another behind closed doors. “It is a bizarre time to live in, and there’s validation for people in the party, the vast majority for Congress that says that the QAnon Marjorie Taylor Greenes are not here, and that it’s okay to vote for impeachment, and Liz Cheney did nothing wrong, and she’s a valued member of leadership, but they’re doing it privately, but not publicly. That is such severe cowardice.”
</p><p> She closed by saying that 30,000 people left the Republican Party after the Jan. 6 attack and that it may not sound like a lot of people but that there are “a bunch of Republican voters who are not going to get on board with this QAnon crap that Marjorie Taylor Greene is spewing, that don’t want the era of Trumpism anymore.”
</p><p> The problem, however, is that <a href=”” target=”_blank”>this week’s poll from Axios revealed</a> that most Republicans support Greene over Cheney. As McCain said, 30,000 of those Republicans want nothing to do with the GOP anymore and likely aren’t included in that sample. What is left of the GOP voters appears to be the Trump party.
</p><p> See the video below:
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