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Trump can be trusted to keep his tax returns secret — but not national security: Ex-Defense Sec

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On CNN Saturday, former Defense Secretary William Cohen wholeheartedly endorsed President Joe Biden’s suggestion that Donald Trump should not receive classified briefings.

“Number one, it’s extended to former presidents as a matter of courtesy,” said Cohen, who also served as a GOP senator.

“There’s no requirement any president have access to this. Secondly, the former president will never be an emissary for the Biden administration under any circumstances. As President Biden said, there’s no need. We have to remember the intelligence community went to President trump, say his name here, and said, please, do not extend the intelligence briefings to your daughter and son-in-law,” he explained.

“There could be no greater conflict of interest than we’ve seen there,” continued Cohen. “Remember, President Trump is very good at keeping some secrets — his college transcripts, his taxes, his conversations with Putin. What he’s not very good at is protecting our national security, when he had the foreign minister from Russia and the Russian ambassador into the office after firing the FBI director and revealed classified information.”

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