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WATCH: Derek Chauvin had history of violent force before George Floyd scandal

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PBS News Hour on Saturday reported on the history of allegations against former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, who was charged with second degree unintentional murder and second-degree manslaughter for his role in the killing of George Floyd.

Reporter Hari Sreenivasan interviewed Jamiles Lartey and Abbie VanSickle of The Marshall Project about the investigation they launched in conjunction with The New York Times. The two interviewed three of the six victims where the attorney general concluded Chauvin may have used excessive force, and interviewed a witness to a fourth incident.

“Yeah, I think the picture that we get is, from a number of folks who have had other interactions with law enforcement, the way Derek Chauvin treated them, the way he interacted with them was beyond the pale. It was different. That was something that I heard in– in every interview, really, that there seemed to just be maybe a heartlessness, a callousness to their pain, to their– their cries for– for air or help or, or even just the– the feeling that this is unnecessary, right? This is so over the top,” Lartey explained.


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Before George Floyd, Officer Derek Chauvin had a history of using excessive force


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