Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Trump will be a ‘martyr’ after impeachment — and will gain ‘super powers’: Brad Parscale

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<p>”Herring in July 2019 filed a lawsuit against Maddow which claimed the liberal host had defamed OAN when she discussed reports that one of the network’s contributors also worked for the Russia state news organization Sputnik. Maddow went on to state that OAN ‘<a href=”https://www.rawstory.com/2019/07/they-share-staff-with-the-kremlin-maddow-roasts-trumps-new-favorite-right-wing-network-oann/” target=”_blank”>literally is paid Russian propaganda</a>,’ which OAN’s parent company claimed was false and defamatory. Herring, the parent company, then filed a defamation lawsuit seeking $10 million,” Law &amp; Crime explained. “Attorneys representing Maddow and MSNBC responded by filing a special motion to strike the case under California’s Anti-Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (<a href=”https://www.rcfp.org/resources/anti-slapp-laws/#:~:text=Anti%2DSLAPP%20laws%20are%20intended,exercising%20their%20First%20Amendment%20rights.&amp;text=Under%20most%20anti%2DSLAPP%20statutes,a%20matter%20of%20public%20concern.” target=”_blank”>Anti-SLAPP</a>) law.”</p><p>U.S. District Judge Cynthia Bashant sided with MSNBC, entitling the network to expenses under California law.</p><p>”The court calculated that Maddow’s team of high-priced attorneys from the law firm Gibson Dunn—including famed First Amendment attorney Ted Boutrous, Jr.—were entitled to collect on 363.1 hours of work totaling $247,667.50, plus an additional $10,724 for hours billed by paralegals,” Law &amp; Crime reported.</p><p>Read the <a href=”https://lawandcrime.com/first-amendment/judge-orders-oan-to-pay-rachel-maddow-and-msnbc-250000-in-attorney-fees-for-filing-frivolous-defamation-lawsuit/” target=”_blank”>full report</a>. </p>



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