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Trump will sell classified info ‘to the highest bidder’ if he gets the chance: House Intel Dem

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On MSNBC Saturday, Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) of the House Intelligence Committee agreed wholeheartedly with President Joe Biden’s comment that former President Donald Trump doesn’t need intelligence briefings — and suggested he would sell the info to foreign actors for personal gain.

“Let me just say this, I think President Biden was being very kind when he said there’s no need for the former president to get intelligence briefings,” said Demings. “Look, we watched this president in action for four years. We saw him stand on the stage with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and basically do everything but ask the Russian dictator for his autograph. We’ve seen him on a phone call with the Russian dictator and refuse to ask him about bounties being put on the head of American soldiers. We’ve seen our former president snuggle up with Kim Jong-un of North Korea.”

“I believe this former president — and I believe it with all of my heart — that he would use intelligence as a bargaining chip or sell it to the highest bidder,” said Demings. “I prefer to join in on the words of my Intelligence Committee chairman [Adam Schiff], there is no need — there’s no circumstance where the former president should receive any intelligence, not now, or quite frankly, in the future.”

“Now certainly … if the former president was traveling for some reason and, you know, American intelligence had information that could cause him — or could increase his safety while traveling to another place, certainly, there would be a way to share that information,” Demings added. “But even that information would have to be very clearly and narrowly defined. We don’t trust our former president and neither do many of our allies around the world.”

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