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‘Hypocrite’ GOPer Stefanik slammed by hometown paper for defense of Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) was harshly criticized by a newspaper editorial board in her district for refusing to go beyond condemning Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for her violent and anti-Semitic rhetoric in a scathing editorial on Sunday.

While Stefanik called the controversial Greene’s comments “inexcusable,” she also defended her Republican colleague by not voting to strip her of her committee assignments. Additionally she said kicking Greene out of the House would be dismissing the will of the voters who just sent her to D.C.

As the editors of the Post Star claimed, that was hypocritical of the lawmaker who wanted to contest the Electoral College votes that, in turn, led to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6th.

“Our congresswoman, Elise Stefanik, has condemned as “inexcusable” statements made by her fellow Republican congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene. But she has refused to do anything about them, because, she says, Congress has no right to overturn the decision of the people of Georgia, who elected Greene,” the editorial stated. “We’re tempted to end this editorial right here, and let that paragraph, which takes irony to its peak, speak for itself.”

Noting, “A month ago, Stefanik was abetting an effort to overturn the decision of the people in several swing states, including Georgia, in the November election. She stood up in Congress during its certification of state electors and objected to the results in Pennsylvania,” the editorial continued, “Stefanik pushed ahead, however, making a speech that mixed false and true statements.”

That led to a comparison to the claims made by Rep. Taylor Greene.

“Lies almost always include some true elements — otherwise, they’re just fantasy, like saying the California wildfires were started by beams from solar generators in space as part of a conspiracy involving the Rothschild family, former California Gov. Jerry Brown and Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband,” the editors noted. “The ‘space beams’ story is one of the tales woven by Greene, a clever fabulist who pretends she is just raising questions while speculating, for example, on whether the mass shooting in Las Vegas was carried out by gun control advocates, not a lone shooter. Isn’t it vicious and heartless to peddle such a lie in public, so it will reach the ears of family members who lost loved ones that night?”

Turning back to Stefanik, they added, “All the Democrats in the House of Representatives and 11 Republicans (including three from New York — Chris Jacobs, John Katko and Nicole Malliotakis) were appalled enough by Greene’s statements they voted to strip her of her committee assignments. But Stefanik said Congress had no right to act, because Georgia’s voters had spoken.”

“Stefanik’s excuse for taking Greene’s side is so full of holes, it’s invisible. It is amusing, however, that she would point to the will of the voters, considering it was she who, a month ago, was doing her best to undermine the election results in Georgia,” they concluded.

You can read the whole piece here.


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