Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Republicans upset with Steve Mnuchin for ‘giving away the store’ in stimulus negotiations with Nancy Pelosi: report

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What is the role of media when the president of the United States promulgates falsehoods, sows division among the populace, demonizes duly-elected officials who disagree with him, gives a wink and a nod to armed White supremacists by telling them to “stand back and stand by,” but orders heavily-armed police to use tear-gas on non-violent Black Lives Matter demonstrators, marching to put an end to police brutality?  How do media outlets cover a president who denigrates and dehumanizes whole sectors of the American public every time he speaks?  That is, Muslims, Mexicans, women, immigrants, Democrats, “blue” states, Obama, Hillary, Kamala, and Biden….  We must not negate the psychological consequences.


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