Monday, November 30, 2020
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Fans Are Treating Eagles-Bengals Tie Like a Loss on Social Media

Fans are (rightfully) treating Eagles-Bengals tie like a loss on social media originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia


Big yikes. 

There’s really no other way to explain how everyone in Philly is feeling right now following another *atrocious* Eagles game. If this tie against the Bengals stood alone, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad – but considering this is their third consecutive terribly played game and have started off the 2020 season 0-2-1 … yeah, not good. 

The fact it went into overtime and we had to witness more mediocre football on both ends just made things even worse. 

And it couldn’t have ended any bleaker than having seconds left on a game clock and passing up an attempt for a field goal. Looking back at this game though, it’s exactly how it should’ve ended. 

Even though this technically isn’t a loss, Eagles fans are (rightfully) treating it like one. 

Basically, to sum things up: 


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