Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Trump is headed for a demographic disaster on Election Day by dismissing this key group of voters

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For months now, independent and undecided voters have been a strong focal point for the upcoming election but President Donald Trump is missing one key group of voters that could greatly contribute to his downfall on Election Day.

It is no secret that Trump is not the typical Republican but his political approach may have a lasting impact on the party and voters’ view of the Republican Party principles, namely Millennials and Generation Z voters, who are just years away from becoming the voting majority.


With Trump in office, the Republican Party has aimed to push Conservatism to the forefront of America in a manner. However, Millennial and Gen Z voters are considered to be the most diverse voters in American history which may not lead to a favorable outcome for the Republican Party.

Ben Wessel, executive director of NextGen America, an organization that works to mobilize younger voters for the Democratic Party, spoke with The Atlantic about the full scope of the voting trajectory.

“There’s a consistent picture coming together that says we’re going to have the highest youth turnout since 2008, and maybe since 1992,” Wessel said, adding, “And they are rebuking Trump and the Republicans in a way we haven’t seen since the 2008 presidential” race.

Long-term trends may prove to be more baleful toward the Republican Party. The publication reports that the latest movement may be just as vast as the rise of the Baby Boomer voters in the 1980s.

The electorate is beginning its most profound generational transition since the early 1980s, when Baby Boomers became the largest voting bloc, dislodging the Greatest Generation of Americans, who came of age during the Depression and World War II.


Although Trump typically goes with his gut by taking an aggressive approach toward politics despite his advisors and constituents urging him to tone down his rhetoric, his tactics may backfire against him and usher in a more progressive movement.


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