Monday, November 30, 2020
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If Lesley Stahl and ’60 Minutes’ is too tough for you you can’t handle a dictator: Obama hits Trump as weak

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Former President Barack Obama took the stage in Miami, Florida, for a drive-in rally where people could social distance safely. That didn’t stop Obama from bringing the heat against the president, however.

Speaking to a honking crowd, Obama mocked Trump for the overwhelming ignorance and cruelty that has persisted throughout his four years in office.

“When the daily intelligence briefings are flashing warning signs about a virus, the president can’t be AWOL,” Obama said. “When Russians put bounties on the heads of our brave soldiers in Afghanistan, the commander in chief can’t be MIA. He can’t be somebody who doesn’t read the briefings. Joe Biden would never call the men and women of our military suckers and losers. Ge knows those troops are somebody’s husband, somebody’s wife, somebody’s kids, somebody’s spouse, somebody’s father. And when a hurricane devastates Puerto Rico, a president is supposed to help it rebuild, not toss paper towels withhold billions of dollars in aid until just before an election. We’ve got a president who actually suggested selling Puerto Rico.”


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