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What will the GOP do when they realize they’ve canceled themselves?: columnist

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Daily Beast columnist Wajaht Ali wondered how far Republicans are willing to go with their “cancel culture.”

“Incredibly, the party that continually whines about ‘cancel culture‘ while at the same time practicing it is now on the verge of self-cancellation after turning on the big business allies it’s historically united with to push tax breaks, de-regulation, and the ‘creative’ destruction of the unchecked ‘free market,'” wrote Ali.

Monday, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked the GOP for their long-running boycotts against companies they’ve decided they’re against for one reason or another.

“This guy is trying to cancel more culture than anybody!” Kimmel said. “If you listen to Donald Trump you’re going to have to cancel, baseball, Coke, Delta, CBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS, Apple, Macy’s, Univision, HBO, Oreo, Rolling Stone, Fox News, Starbucks, Geico, Goodyear, Amazon, AT&T, the NFL, TMobile, Harley Davidson, Nike, Comcast and Merck, which happens to make Propecia, the drug Donald Trump takes to slow his balding down. What are the chances that Donald Trump actually gives up Diet Coke or his bald-head medicine? None. But he wants you to!”

At some point, there won’t be much left.

Georgia has responded to Delta’s opposition to their voter suppression bill by withdrawing tax breaks the group got for jet fuel for their planes. A few years ago, Georgia punished Delta by removing tax breaks from the company because of their opposition to the NRA after the shooting at a Parkland, Florida high class.

Ali called the GOP out on their epic hypocrisy.

“In fact, conservatives have long championed the First Amendment and used ‘free speech’ to rally their base and promote their counter-majoritarian agenda,” he wrote. “This includes supporting dark money in politics, insisting on the right to spew racism and hate without consequence, and promoting the religious freedoms of white Christians, especially bakers, to discriminate against women and LGBTQ communities.”

He closed by asking when the GOP is going to stop their madness.

“As the GOP becomes more extreme and radical, which it will, the absolutist sword of ‘cancel culture’ will inevitably lead to its own cannibalization,” Ali predicted. “For the rest of us, we can only hope it leads to their irrelevance. The terrifying alternative means they will have succeeded in cancelling democracy.”

Read the full column at the Daily Beast.


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