Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Trump pushes closing claim that ‘suburban women are STRONG’ for his campaign

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In a Sunday article for The New York Times titled, “Trump Had One Last Story to Sell. The Wall Street Journal Wouldn’t Buy It,” insiders recalled the White House’s secret, last-ditch effort to change the narrative, and the election — even though it didn’t work.

Journalist Ben Smith wrote in The Times article, “By early October, even people inside the White House believed President Trump’s re-election campaign needed a desperate rescue mission. So three men allied with the president gathered at a house in McLean, Va., to launch one. The host was Arthur Schwartz, a New York public relations man close to President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr. The guests were a White House lawyer, Eric Herschmann, and a former deputy White House counsel, Stefan Passantino, according to two people familiar with the meeting.”


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