Friday, July 23, 2021
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FBI is illegally withholding report on right-wing terror threat: report

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On Monday, The Daily Beast profiled Elaine Cunningham White-Gardner, a New Jersey woman who became gravely ill of COVID-19 the same weekend President Donald Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center. Her infection took a worse turn than the president’s, and she ultimately passed away — but one of her final acts was to make sure her ballot was cast.

“While 74-year-old Trump was exulting in his own good fortune, declaring ‘I’m immune,’ 80-year-old White-Gardner became sicker and sicker,” reported Michael Daly. “But whatever might happen, she was determined to perform one more all-important civic duty in a life devoted to bettering the lives of others. She completed an absentee ballot and arranged for a nurse to deliver it from her bedside to the Hudson County Board of Elections. ‘She was having a lot of trouble breathing, but for her it was, ‘One way or the other, I’m getting that vote,’’ her niece, Nichole Taylor, told The Daily Beast.”


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