Friday, June 18, 2021
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Mo Brooks says Swalwell should ‘be a man’ and serve him not his wife — after he spent months running from subpoena

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Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) spent months running scared from process servers attempting to hand him a subpoena. It’s unclear what Brooks has been afraid of or why he thinks he needed to avoid the subpoena or the lawsuit, but he ran nonetheless. Finally, on Sunday, Brooks was served through his wife.

Now, however, Brooks is insulting Rep. Eric Swalwell and telling him that he should “be a man” and serve Brooks and not his wife.

Again, process servers spent two months while Brooks hid. They were finally was able to access Brooks by serving his wife at the residence that the couple shares. It’s a legal way to serve a subpoena, but Brooks is whining about it and now Mrs. Brooks is claiming she’s going to sue Swalwell herself.

It’s not likely to be something that Brooks will act on once he consults an actual attorney, as the lawsuit would open the couple up to discovery from Swalwell on a whole host of things. There’s also the matter of the Alabama Litigation Accountability Act which was passed by Republicans in an effort to stop what they called “frivolous lawsuits.” It’s possible that the Brooks lawsuit against Swalwell could be declared in violation of the 2015 Alabama law and recoup all of his legal costs from Brooks.

A video Brooks released Monday night showed the process server driving down the driveway, rushing out of the car and handing Mrs. Brooks the subpoena. She then chases after him as he backs away, gets into his car and then she attempted to block him from leaving.

Rep. Brooks claimed that the process server broke into his home and accosted his wife, something that his own video doesn’t show.

The process server has his own video that he was seen taking as he served the woman, but it hasn’t been released.

According to the court documents, the process server went to the home and tried the doorbell but no one answered. He then saw Brooks’ wife arrive and pull into the driveway and saw her parking garage open. He said that he extended the papers to her, she yelled at him and he left papers on the floor in front of her. He said he tried to leave but had to wait for her to get away from the back of his car.

See the video of Brooks’ threats below:


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