Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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‘He’s OJ’: HBO’s Maher compares Trump to a ‘stalker’ who will return to ‘kill his family’

HBO host Bill Maher was in a giddy mood on Friday night, predicting Donald Trump is about to be ousted and saying they will probably have to drag him out of the White House bathroom.

Opening his show with a red, white and blue balloon drop, the “Real Time” host began by pointing out that he knew why his audience was cheering, saying, “Biden won the election. The networks are still too chickensh*t to call it, but plainly, he’s won this election.”

Continuing in that vein, he added, “Until all the ballots are counted, President Trump is telling everyone to stay calm, and classy, and respect the process. Of course he’s not. He’s throwing a tantrum like the two-ton whiny little bitch he is. He doesn’t like that for the first time he’s on the other end of an eviction notice.”


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