Friday, January 22, 2021
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‘Get Rudy Giuliani off TV’: Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid begs Trump to behave with ‘dignity’

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From coast to coast, Americans jubilant over Joe Biden’s presidential win on Saturday rushed into the streets, dancing, hooting, honking horns and singing on a day many had longed for after four turbulent years under President Donald Trump.

In spontaneous outbursts after news broke of the Democrat’s win following nearly four nail-biting days of vote counting, they gathered outside the White House singing “goodbye” to Trump, celebrated outside Trump Tower in the president’s native and very Democratic New York, and danced in the streets across the country in Los Angeles.

Trump was away golfing in neighboring Virginia when the news broke, and Biden supporters lined the streets of Washington as he returned to the White House. Trump, ever defiant, has not conceded defeat.


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