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Donald Trump’s coup is morphing into a grift — but Mitch McConnell sees it as a power grab

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In justifying Donald Trump’s attempts to defy and deny election results that clearly demonstrate he lost by the same “landslide” electoral-vote margin that he won in 2016–Trump’s words–Rubio seems to have gotten his dates mixed up. Here’s what he tweeted today.

“I remember when Democrats & some in the media demanded the indictment of people in the incoming Trump administration for “having phone calls” with foreign leaders to discuss upcoming changes in U.S. foreign policy,” Rubio posted.

Well, yes, they did. But that was after a December 9, 2016 report by the Washington Post revealing that the CIA believed Russia was trying to help Trump win the election. It turns out they were: Dozens of individuals plead guilty or were convicted of serious crimes related to that whole thing.


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