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5 people in custody after shots fired at cops

NORTH PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Two weeks after six police officers were shot in North Philadelphia during a nearly eight-hour standoff, authorities say a gunman opened fire at two undercover cops, which led to a barricade situation that ended with five people in custody. 

Around midnight at Warnock and Oakdale streets — which is a “known drug corner,” according to police — two undercover cops in an unmarked car witnessed a drug deal, then heard gun shots. The officers saw someone pointing a gun at them.

Acting Police Commissioner Christine Coulter said at this point, they don’t believe the shooter knew he was firing at officers.

“That will be part of the investigation,” she said. “There is at least one witness interviewed who said (the shooter) fired at that car and police, but whether they knew they were police or not, I can’t tell.”

After the shots were fired, police say the gunman ran into a house above a barbershop. The officers called for backup.

A barricade situation was declared, and SWAT officers became involved.

Police say negotiators used a bullhorn to talk to the people inside, and after about an hour, four men and one woman walked out.

“There were no injuries to police or civilians, which is the most important thing,” Coulter said. “At the end of the day, it’s another job that highlights how dangerous it is and how important it is for us to be on our toes.”

The five who were taken into custody are being interviewed at Central Detectives. Police say one of them may be the shooter, but they still needed to execute a search warrant to go through the house for evidence.

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