Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Trump confusingly claims Democrats ‘rigged’ what he boasts was ‘most secure election ever’

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Appearing on CNN on Friday morning, the ghostwriter behind Donald Trump’s bestselling “Art of the Deal” said he wasn’t taking the president’s boasts that he would run again in 2024 too seriously, saying a lot can happen in four years.

Using reports that Trump would announce a bid for the GOP presidential nomination immediately after President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in in January of 2021, author Tony Schwartz told CNN’s Jim Sciutto he was skeptical.

After saying, “I don’t believe Trump actually ever has an end goal, it’s … he lives literally in each moment,” Schwartz added, ” He is just trying to stay in our attention and to seem both to himself and to us as powerful, and that’s what’s driving him in every moment. ‘What can keep me from feeling the deep emptiness and weakness,’ that is actually underneath all of this bluster.”


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