Monday, November 30, 2020
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Support for racial justice protests drops when protesters are identified as Black

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Infamous conservative commentator Glenn Beck implied that the end times are upon us.

During his Monday morning show, Beck explained that the world is at the beginning of the “foretold” times, and “evil is washing over the world.”

“I’m always wrong with timing,” Beck said at the beginning of his assessment. “But everybody knows this one is coming. But, I, I, I, believe in my lifetime, and, uh, I think within the next 15 years, I think these are the beginnings of the days that have been foretold. I believe that we could see the days of tribulation in the next five years. I obviously don’t know. People have been planning or have been looking forward to these days for 3,000 years. But evil is washing over the world right now.”


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