Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Here’s 7 of the most ridiculous thing to happen in Philly

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This city has had its share of things that could qualify as bad — truly ridiculous. The kind of thing that makes you say, “Only in Philly.” Here’s seven of the most absurd.

1) A hitchhiking “robot” that was a Canadian social experiment was decapitated

2) The GM of the Sixers was fired for having burner Twitter accounts 

3) There was a giant warehouse fire in front of which an Elmo drumline played music

4) Someone ate actual horse manure after the Eagles won the Super Bowl

5) A respected museum displays pieces of Einstein’s brain along with 139 skulls

6) A top event featured strippers surrounding people puking as they raced to eat the most wings

7) The NFL stadium used to have an actual courtroom in it because of rowdy fans

Bad things happen in Philadelphia? Here’s 7 of the most ridiculous


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