Banquet venue owner sets up drive-in theatre

POTTSTOWN, Pa (KYW Newsradio)  A popular wedding and banquet venue in a Montgomery County community has been shut down because of COVID-19. But the venue’s owner has come up with a novel way to bring people to his property on weekends.

It’s now the “SunnyBrook Social Distancing Drive-In,” and Chuck Gulati, owner of the SunnyBrook Ballroom, said it has become a huge hit.

Gulati recalled a friend kiddingly suggested a few weeks ago he should use his large parking lot to create a drive-in theater.

Gulati said he took her idea seriously and started looking around for a partner, one he found close by in the State Theatre in Boyertown.

“They set up our ticketing and movie licensing and gave us their expertise,” Gulati said. “We reached out to a company FunFlicks that has the screens and the projections and they provided us with a 40-foot blow up movie screen, a projector and a low-power FM radio transmitter so that people can stay in their cars and listen to the movies.”

Gulati launched his venture on social media at the beginning of May.

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“We’re grateful and surprised at the reaction that we’ve gotten,” he said. “We put it up on Facebook and it just went viral. And we had over 180,000 people got it and share it.”

The drive-in movie nights are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but they’ll be open Memorial Day and showing the classic summer hit “Jaws.”

He expects to show current movies and classics in the coming weeks.​​

The SunnyBrook parking lot can hold 140 cars, and you have to buy tickets online in advance.

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