Delaware believes they have enough hospital beds for surge

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Delaware is expecting a surge of coronavirus cases in the next week. But state leaders believe they’ll have enough hospital beds to handle them.

Delaware has had 783 total coronavirus cases, with 15 deaths. And Gov. John Carney’s graph of COVID-19 cases turns sharply higher in the coming week.

“We’re going to see the number of positive cases continuing to trend up in a way that’s going to look frightening, I think, to all of us,” Carney said. 

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Delaware has about 140 people hospitalized with COVID-19 right now, and the state projects about 650 more by Easter. 

Delaware Emergency Management Agency Director A.J. Schall says the state’s health care system should have enough capacity.

“For the next five to seven days, I feel confident that the hospitals are able to adequately respond to the increased demand,” Schall said. 

Schall says he’s also concerned about hospital staff contracting the disease.

“The nurses and the doctors. If a hospital gets a high rate of maybe positive COVID personnel, that’s going to have a trickle-down effect and that’s when we’re going to have to work as a community,” he said. 

Carney has also added pawn shops, electronics stores and hotels to his list of businesses ordered to close.

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