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Fishtown man receives a $126K state grant for dairy

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A Fishtown resident has received a state grant to jumpstart his business venture in bringing a new dairy to the city. 

Yoav Perry has several potential sites in mind for his Perrystead Dairy. The number one place on his list is the long abandoned building on Coral Street in East Kensington that was home to Harbison’s Dairies for about a hundred years.  

Developers are turning the structure into residential and commercial space, so he’s hoping to sign a lease and start operating by May or June. 

But, don’t look for cows grazing in pastures. His plan is to process grass-fed milk shipped in from nearby family farms. 

“So we’re gonna do bottled fermented yogurts, bottled fermented kefir, which are kind of a new category in the drinkables. And about a third of the production would be very high-end cheese.”   
Perry is already known around the world for his cheese. 

“We’re doing some really crazy things. Crazy but not esoteric, so if you’re not a huge fan of cheese you’re gonna taste it and you’re gonna go ‘this is really nice, I like it,'” Perry explained. 

But, if you are a big cheese fan, you can expect to be blown away Perry said. 

“We’re gonna do a couple of short, seasonal runs every season. So, 8 cheeses a year. But they’re gonna be exceptional, absolutely exceptional.”

The $126,000 state grant Perry received will go toward construction of a prefabricated creamery approximately the size of a shipping container.  

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