Gov. Tom Wolf to sign bill expanding law that strips criminals of state pensions

HARRISBURG, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Gov. Tom Wolf says he will sign a bill heading to his desk that will make it harder for state officials and employees convicted of crimes to keep their state pension.  

The first bill of the Pennsylvania legislature’s current two-year session set to become law is a bill, sponsored by Senate Republican John DiSanto, that closes a loophole that saw public officials pleading guilty to lesser job-related offenses in order to keep their pensions. 

“Over the past ten years, state retirement boards have identified potentially hundreds of such instances. It’s obvious to me – and all the honest, hard-working citizens of Pennsylvania – that lawbreakers violating the public trust should not receive lifetime pension benefits from taxpayers,” DiSanto said. 

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The bill will strip pensions from state employees convicted of job-related offenses classified as felonies or that carry prison terms of more than five years. In declaring his support for the bill, Gov. Wolf also urged lawmakers to enact more ethics reforms.

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