How to avoid asbestos that may be contaminating your makeup

Earlier this month the popular children’s store Claire’s recalled some makeup products because they tested positive for asbestos, a mineral linked to deadly cancers. But, many makeup products come with those risks since they contain talc, according to Michelle Whitmer, a medical writer for the Mesothelioma Center at

“It happens because asbestos tends to form geologically alongside talc. And when we mine talc, sometimes there is asbestos in there,” Whitmer said. 

She says part of the problem is the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have the authority to recall cosmetics.

“There are no rules or regulations on purifying the talc to ensure that there’s no asbestos remaining, particularly for cosmetic grade talc.  So, it ends up in there accidentally because we don’t have enough regulations and oversight to ensure that it isn’t there.”

Whitmer suggests parents and consumers buy talc-free products and brands such as BareMinerals, Honest Beauty and Smashbox that don’t use any talc in their beauty products.  

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