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How your family can be prepared for severe weather

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Its peak hurricane season and our region has become no stranger to severe weather, but is your family prepared for when it hits? 

The Delaware Valley has already experienced a record breaking number of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms — with more to come. So, the first step is acknowledging that disaster can happen here.

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Dan Stoneking, FEMA regional director for Pennsylvania, says people should save money early to be prepared, but he realizes not everyone can save for a rainy day.

“If you have $20 in your ATM account, preparing for a disaster having $20 in your pocket might be better,” Stoneking said.

He says having cash on hand is essential especially during power outages, as well as having a plan. A plan, he says, can be as simple as a having a conversation with your family.

“Hey, this is the number you call, this is the meeting location that we’ll all meet at, it can be a park, it can be another relatives house,” he said.

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There’s an app that can help with that. The free FEMA app only takes a few seconds to download and has several resources like, what you need in an emergency kit and where to find the closest shelter to you.

“And it can give alerts to any location,” he adds.

Stoneking also recommends having necessary medications in reach and critical documents in a fire/waterproof place. Oh, and don’t forget about your pets, he says have extra food stored because they have to eat too.

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