Independent study gives Camden schools good grades

CAMDEN, NJ (KYW Newsradio) — Officials in the Camden school district are pointing to a newly released study, conducted by Stanford University, to bolster their claims that things are improving for students.

The study conducted by CREDO, the school’s Center for Research on Educational Outcomes, shows over the last five years Camden students have been getting 85 extra days’ worth of instruction in math and 30 days of reading — compared to the state average.

Charter and Renaissance schools are faring better than traditional ones.

“This is an opportunity, a unique opportunity, for the public school sector to be able to learn those best practices that are being implemented in some of our charter and renaissance schools and our higher achieving public schools; so that we can maximize the number of students across all school types that are achieving at higher rates,” District Superintendent Katrina McCombs told KYW Newsradio.

She also noted that the researchers found special education students, as well as those living in poverty, are performing at levels equal to their peers across the state.

“All students in Camden are capable of achieving at high levels,” McCombs added. “What we need to do is to continue to transform the education system, so that it ensures that there is no one part of the system that has students who are left behind.”

District officials concede it’s not easy to turn underperforming schools around, but studies like this are encouraging.

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