Jurors need more information as they deliberate Daniel Dougherty trial

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Jurors of the arson murder trial of Daniel Dougherty, accused of setting a fire that killed his two sons in 1985, need more information as they talk it over. 

About six hours into deliberations over parts of three days, the jury foreperson submitted to the judge requests for some important details. First, they wanted to get the definition of “reasonable doubt.” Second, they asked for documentation of the three areas tested for flammable liquid accelerants.


In his reply, sent back to the jury room, Judge Scott O’Keefe wrote, “It’s doubt that would cause a reasonably careful and sensible person to hesitate before acting on a matter of importance.”

Regarding the other matter, prosecutors and defense lawyers disagreed on what if any testimony or documentation on the original fire marshal’s arson report should be provided to jurors. 

A prosecution fire investigator testified the fire was set on a sofa and loveseat, and under the dining room table. Defense fire science experts say, even in full-room involvement, everything burns in various intensities, even in accidental fires.

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