Key Pennsylvania lawmakers call for review of Grace Packer case

HARRISBURG, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Two key state lawmakers are calling on Pennsylvania’s inspector general to review the way the state Department of Human Services handled the case of Grace Packer, the Bucks County teenager raped and murdered by her adoptive mother and her adoptive mother’s boyfriend.  

DHS has already conducted its own review of the case. Now, the chairman of the state House Judiciary Committee, Republican Rob Kauffman, along with the chair of the House Children and Youth Committee have sent a letter to the state inspector general, saying an independent review is needed. 


Kauffman cites reports that the first signs that Grace Packer was being abused went back a decade. 

“How many red flags were out there? How many times does somebody need to report something? That’s what drives me insane, is that we have this massive bureaucracy, and we can’t protect kids,” he said. 

Kauffman says he hopes an independent review will provide lawmakers with guidance for potential changes to state law. 

“(We) also need to find out whether it’s just a simple problem with the way this bureaucracy handles situations like that. But it’s disgusting, it should never happen in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in a civilized society. And it infuriates me, and we need to get answers,” he added. 

He says people in state government should be ashamed of what happened.

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