L&I to take action against contractor after more homes collapse in Fishtown

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections officials are taking steps to revoke the license of a contractor whose shoddy work caused two homes to collapse in Fishtown this week.

Stacy Colello described what was left of her grandparents home along Tulip Street as she and her siblings waited for a demolition crew to arrive and finish off the building. 

“That’s my grandparents bedroom up there, that’s exposed. That’s my grandfathers clothes,” Colello said. “Our grandparent’s whole lives are in there…It’s been in the family for over 50 years,” she continued. 

According to her, the home collapsed Thursday after it was hit by collateral damage from a bungled job next door

“The house on the corner was being flipped and the contractor hired unskilled laborers and they were digging in the basement and took out the adjoining party wall. And the house began to crumble so they had to get out.”

A similar incident happened last month, less than a mile away on Thompson Street. Workers were digging in the basement under the foundation, which caused a collapse that also took out the house next door. 

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