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Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia finally gets new director

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The last part of a shake-up at the Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia is finally in place three years after the former chair was caught using the fund for her own expenses. A new, permanent executive director started work Monday. 

Jody Greenblatt comes to the Mayor’s Fund from the School District of Philadelphia, where she started when Superintendent William Hite took over, so she feels like she’s had a good lesson in turnarounds.

“It was a bit of a chaotic environment, but I think from chaos you can build, you can be creative, you can grow,” Greenblatt said. 

In the case of the Mayor’s Fund, she said, a lot of the work has already been done. 

The fund was overhauled after the previous chairperson, who was Mayor Michael Nutter’s City Representative, was charged with using the fund to pay for Uber rides, shoes and hotel rooms among other things. 


She’s serving two years of house arrest after pleading guilty. 

The Kenney administration appointed a new board, which revamped grant guidelines and management and moved marathon operations to a different office.

Still, Greenblatt said, she knows she has a challenge in regaining public trust. 

“I think it takes time, I think it takes hard work but I’m committed to doing that,” she said. 

The fund oversees some $12 million in grants to the city to be used to advance the administration’s priorities.

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