Merrill Reese adds commentary to fans’ quarantine videos

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The legendary voice of the Eagles, Merrill Reese, is trying to give fans “a little bit of a boost” by adding his signature play-by-play commentary to their videos of family activities during the coronavirus quarantine.

Reese started the project with a video from former Philadelphia Eagle Fred Barnett showing his sons, Lex and Brooklyn, running a course around their house.


“Let’s watch his run,” Reese says as Lex starts out. “He gets off to a good start. A little trouble getting over the first obstacle, but he recovers with a tremendous leap onto the pillow. He rounds the curb, over the final obstacle and he’s done.”

There’s even an instant replay.

He moves on to Brooklyn’s run: “No hesitation, barreling through the first obstacle, and look at that! One foot on the chair, Brooklyn only needed one foot to clear the other chair. And that makes all the difference, folks.”

The effect sounds like Reese broadcasting a moment of a regular day that everyone experiencing this new normal can relate to.

Now Reese is asking fans to tweet more videos at the Eagles. He’ll choose some and add his commentary.

“I hope that this message finds you and your family safe and healthy,” he said in a video posted from the Eagles’ Twitter account. “Send us a video showing how you and your family are spending your time, and I’ll do my best to put some exciting play-by-play next to those activities. Stay healthy, stay safe, and go Eagles!”

Reese isn’t the first sport announcer to offer this service. Joe Buck at Fox Sports had been doing this on Twitter over the past couple of weeks.

Fans have already started submitting videos, featuring activities such as kids playing catch with a football, pets running around, and acrobatic stunts.

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