New details in case of man accused of killing wife in ’81

New details in case of man accused of killing wife in ’81 new details in case of man accused of killing wife in 81
New details in case of man accused of killing wife in ’81 william gloria korzon

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Earlier this year, a 76-year-old man was arrested on charges he killed his wife in Warminster back in 1981. Now, new details surrounding the arrest are emerging, as — for the first time — the grand jury report that led to charges has been unsealed.

As he left his first court appearance back in April, William Korzon told reporters his wife, Gloria Korzon — who was last seen at her job in Horsham in March 1981 — left him and ran off to Florida.


But new details from a grand jury testimony reveal that a woman, who moved in with William Korzon in 1982 after Gloria’s disappearance, said she was terrified of him. While she never heard William Korzon say directly what happened to his wife, the woman said he would threaten her by saying, “the same thing was going to happen to me that happened to Gloria.”

According to the report, that woman testified a few years after Gloria Korzon’s disappearance at a court hearing, where William Korzon was trying to get money from her estate. Following that testimony, she said she received “a call from Gloria,” who was screaming and irate. But, she believes now that was Anne Korzon, William Korzon’s mother, pretending to be Gloria.

The grand jury report also cites police reports from the late 1970s, including one where Gloria Korzon told police William Korzon threatened her and their dog. She said she got home and found blood on kitchen floor, and she never saw the dog again. She told police she believed that was intentional to scare her.

There’s also testimony about a patch of concrete in the basement that doesn’t match the rest of the floor. Despite several searches of the Warminster property, Gloria Korzon’s body has never been found. 

William Korzon concedes in his own words in the report that it would be strange for a woman to leave the house indefinitely without taking her wallet, driver’s license and bank cards with her. When asked why he never thought to tell police her wallet was still in the bedroom, the report says he testified that he never gave it any thought.

The report also says William Korzon admitted to several lies in his testimony and acknowledged those lies probably don’t look good for him.

However, he maintains he did not kill his wife.

No trial date has been set.

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