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‘On The Table’ day to bring communities together over food

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — People all across the Philadelphia area next month will be talking about community issues over a meal at Reading Terminal Market during the third annual On The Table day. Registration is now open for anyone to host a table.

The third annual On The Table day of conversations over food will happen on Oct. 17, and Nell Booth with the Philadelphia Foundation says they’re looking for hosts.

“You can register at You can choose the time of day, you can choose what you want to put on the table. The idea is just break bread together with a group of people that you invite to come and talk with you,” Booth said. 

The food can range from a snack to a full meal and the conversations are facilitated by the host.

There were about 3,000 tables last year, and Katy Lichtenstein, who participated in two conversations last year, said the topics were varied.

“They ranged from gun violence, race relations, supporting our seniors, to teenagers and finding post graduate opportunities after high school,” she said. 

“Part of what we’re hoping here is to connect people who maybe don’t sit down together on a regular basis to cross-connect different networks,” Booth added. 

They say something magical happens when you throw food into the mix. 

“I think sitting down over food and a meal makes it a little bit more comfortable and relaxed and not so formal, and people want to feel comfortable to have these conversations in more of a relaxed environment,” Lichtenstein said. 

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