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Philadelphia Eagles host Field Day to encourage children to be active

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Grade schoolers in Philadelphia got to live the life of an Eagles player in South Philadelphia on Thursday as their reward for trying to be active and healthy. 

The Eagles joined forces with Jennifer Litchman-Green and the American Heart Association for the NFL PLAY 60 Field Day.

“It’s really a culmination of a program we provided in schools across the region. The purpose is to inspire and empower our young people to get their 60 minutes of physical activity per day,” she said. 

She calls the 100 or so students chosen for this Field Day the program’s “cream of the crop.”

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They’re learning passing, catching and many other drills.

“We did an offense defense rally and then we did an obstacle course where you had to run through the lines and jump over obstacles and you catch the ball like you were diving into an end zone and now we’re kicking,” said fifth-grader Rider. 

Eagles safety Rodney McLeod said the kids learned much more than drills. 

“As you go through these drills, it might start out they don’t know what they’re doing and then as they go on, they find that confidence in themselves and they believe. And also, a lot of drills require them to work together as a team, so you’re teaching them a lot of skill sets and things they’ll be able to carry over into the classroom as well as students,” McLeod said. 

Eagles players were on hand to help out along with Swoop, who showed up and sent the kids into a frenzy. 

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