Philadelphia man convicted for beating woman in wheelchair to death, hiding her body

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A city jury has convicted a Philadelphia man of murder in the beating death of a woman in a wheelchair. 

After a jury found Eric Mackey guilty of first-degree murder, Judge Glenn Bronson sentenced the 47-year-old to the automatic life in prison for what he called “outrageous” and “horrible” crime, tacking on additional years for abuse of corpse and weapon charges.

Elba Monroig’s badly decomposed body was found wrapped in blankets in her own basement in October 2017. Her family says the 61-year-old let her guard down for Mackey, giving him a place to stay after he got out of jail.

“The defendant preyed on an elderly woman with significant medical issues, she was wheelchair-bound,” said prosecutor Courtney Malloy. “She trusted him to care for her, but instead he ended her life in the cruelest way possible. “

Malloy called crime scene officers to the stand to go through blood stains found in the house and showed surveillance video of the pair going to the bank hours before they believe she was bludgeoned the victim in the head with a hammer.

“We had a confession from the defendant through a witness that he was cellmates with, and he confessed to the entire murder including getting rid of the murder weapon,” Malloy said. 

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Mackey’s defense attorney Leon Goodman says the case was full of holes and they have the wrong guy. 

“There was no actual evidence showing he committed this horrible offense,” Goodman said. 

“My client from the beginning maintains his innocence and still maintains his innocence,” he added.

Goodman says Mackey plans to appeal his conviction. 

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