Philadelphia Orchestras’ HEAR program is about more than just music

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Members of the Philadelphia Orchestra are participating in an education program this week where their music and message is being brought into the city’s schools and neighborhoods.  

Members of the orchestra performed for visually and hearing impaired students at the Overbrook School for the Blind. They were not only playing music, but doing some acting too.

The violinist didn’t feel special and didn’t think anyone would notice if she wasn’t a part of the orchestra.

It was demonstrated to the audience — that of course and orchestra needs a violin and all of the other instruments to form the entire orchestra.

Student Angela Carr took this away from the performance.

“Whatever you do is unique, something special about you, like for example I use a cane, and if I try to change my vision and my cane use that wouldn’t be special about me.”

The Philadelphia orchestra’s program is called HEAR, it stands for health, education, access and research.  Organizers want to provide quality music education opportunities to a variety of audiences.


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