Philly company helps patients avoid transportation roadblocks

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Transportation should not be an obstacle for people who need to see a doctor. That’s the philosophy of one Philadelphia company working to make missed appointments a thing of the past.  

Not everyone can hop in a car or ride the bus to a medical provider.

“One in three folks needs help getting to and from a health care appointment,” said Roundtrip CEO Mark Switaj.

So it’s no surprise to hear Switaj say 20 percent of all doctors’ visits are missed or delayed because of issues with transportation.

“We see a future where this is eliminated and that future is here — it’s today,” he said.

Roundtrip is a hub that connects physicians, hospitals, and other medical centers with patients who need to get to and from. It works whether they have the latest smartphone or a legacy landline.

“Information can be shared with somebody on behalf of a rider, such as the daughter, the son, or the caregiver,” he said.

The company offers specialized vehicles for people in wheelchairs or stretchers.

Switaj says less than four percent of his company’s customers are no-shows.

Roundtrip is also working with managed Medicare plans to run trips to the pharmacy and for other preventive care that reduces the need for more expensive services.

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