Share Food Program receives added federal funding

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia’s Share Food Program, which has already given out millions of meals to families during the pandemic, will now be able to help even more people thanks to federal support.

The Coronavirus Food Assistance Program is a federally funded initiative offering nearly $20 billion in relief to support farmers and the food chain supply. It also helps ensure that Americans have access to food through food banks and nonprofits.

George Matysik, executive director of the local Share Food Program said they’re already getting thousands more food boxes to give away, thanks to the new initiative.

“Right now we’re receiving about 25,000 boxes a week from the USDA,” he explained. “We actually anticipate that number going up quite a bit in the next few weeks, could be as high as 50,000 cases of food additional per week. Those boxes are anywhere from 15-25 pounds each, so we’re talking about a significant increase in the amount of food that we’ll be distributing.”

Matysik said the added help will make them one of the largest food banks in the region. The organization is increasing food deliveries from biweekly to weekly. And many Philadelphians can find more than food in the box.

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“We’ll have information about how to get your absentee ballot, so you can find them right in the boxes that we’ll be distributing,” he said.

May 26 is the last day to apply for mail-in or absentee ballots in Pennsylvania.

Food distribution sites are listed online. You can also have food delivered to your door if you fill out their online form.

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