Dad who left son to die in crash gets prison term

TULLYTOWN, Pa. (AP/WTXF) — A New Jersey man convicted of leaving his 2-year-old son to die after a crash in Pennsylvania is now headed to prison.

Authorities say Christopher Kuhn was fleeing after he shoplifted from a Philadelphia-area Walmart last October. He was found guilty in March of murder and other charges following a nonjury trial.

The Hamilton man must serve between eight and 30 years under the sentence imposed Monday.

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Police say Kuhn fled the Levittown Town Center store after taking $228 worth of television speakers. He ran a red light and collided with two other vehicles, the impact throwing his son onto the road and fracturing his skull.

Kuhn stepped over the injured toddler before running away.

The boy later died at a hospital. Police say he wasn’t in a safety seat.

Unidentified man shot and killed in Juniata

– Police are investigating after a man was shot and killed in Juniata late Monday night.

Around 11:30 p.m., officers responded to the 3900 block of L Street, where they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Investigators are still attempting to identify the victim, who police describe as being in his late teens or early 20s.

No arrests have been made at this time. This is an ongoing investigation.

Missing 10-year-old boy found

– The search is over for a previously missing 10-year-old boy from Chestnut Hill.

Darby Borough Police Department reported a missing 10-year-old boy was last seen getting into a blue/purplish Nissan Maxima around 3 p.m. Monday on Summit Street.

The boy was reportedly in the company of Tiffany Collins. Collins, 28, is a friend of the family but not related to the boy.

Collins is a reported drug user and known to frequent the West and Southwest sections of Philadelphia.

Police would like to thank all who assisted in located the missing boy.

Legend has it the ghost of William Penn gets off this pedestal and wanders the hospital grounds

2 men critical after assaulting each other

– Two men left in critical condition will be charged with aggravated assault on each other after a stabbing and assault. 

It happened after 8:00 Monday night on the 2000 block of East William Street in Kensington.  A 38-year old man was stabbed in the head, face and back. A 34-year old man was hit in head with a tire iron. Both were taken to Temple Hospital in critical condition. 

Investigators aren’t sure who started it but say a witness tells police the men were fighting over a 2010 Mitsubishi.

“That vehicle is in stolen status. It was stolen from this area in the past week. It was stolen with the keys in the ignition,” said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Police say both men will be arrested and charged for aggravated assault on each other. They have the tire iron but the knife hasn’t been found.  A woman who was there when it happened is being questioned. Police believe she knows both of the men.

Multiple rare insects have been reported stolen

– Many rare and valuable insects reported missing from the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion.

“We found that the majority 80 to 90 percent of the creatures that we had in the museum were taken,” says Insectarium CEO John Cambridge. “Any types of exotic tarantula, scorpions, millipedes. We specialize in the arthropods of the world and we use those to tell the story of biodiversity, etc.”

What’s worse is both Cambridge Philadelphia Police believe it was an inside job. Cambridge has three former employees of the Northeast Philly facility that he suspects took a role in the robbery.

“We were just astonished that someone would take permanent creatures that they probably don’t know how to take care of, and then also just leave us with empty tanks,” said Cambridge.

He says they left an unmistakable calling card of two jerseys stabbed into a wall with knives.

“The jerseys were stabbed into the wall with a knife and yeah we found ourselves robbed so we felt hurt,” said Cambridge.

Police say the stolen insects and some reptiles are worth up to $50,000 and may be out crawling around our area.

“These animals are ours. They are like part of the family you know? And they just get taken away and now we don’t know who has them or if they’re keeping them or if they’re selling them or what they’re doing with these animals. But it’s kind of a scary world out there,” said Insectarium staff member Trisha Nichols.

“Give them back! How about that? Just give them back,” said Cambridge.

Man robbed on his way home after buying ice cream

– A 75-year-old man’s trip to ACME on the Boulevard Saturday night turned into a nightmare when a man followed him home and robbed him in his own driveway in Northeast Philadelphia.

The victim, who didn’t want to be identified or interviewed on camera, was returning home from the Acme at Solly and the Boulevard where he went in to buy some ice cream on his scooter. He says he stopped to give a homeless man a dollar from his wallet. Then drove his scooter to his nearby home where police say he was attacked and threatened by the same man.

“He pushed me off the cart. I fell. I start screaming like crazy,” the victim recounts. “He took my little wallet with $600, $700 in it.”

Authorities say the suspect who attacked and robbed the man is no stranger to police. He’s 57-year-old Stephen Jones, a homeless man who hangs out along the boulevard. He has 33 prior arrests. He was busted for shoplifting at Aldi’s Sunday and positively identified by the victim in the robbery.

“The way he treated me, the way he went about it. I would have no hesitation to kill him,” said the victim.

The victim suffered some pretty nasty bumps and bruises. His wallet, money, credit cards and ID were taken. His scooter was not. He praised the police for nabbing Jones so quickly and preventing anyone else from being victimized.

“He saw the money and he’s homeless,” the victim said. “He’s desperate, he needed the money.”

Little girl who met Drake getting a new heart

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) – The young girl who got to meet rapper Drake last week while waiting in a Chicago hospital for a new heart is celebrating again.

Sofia Sanchez found out Sunday she was indeed getting a new heart.

“I’m getting a heart, mom!” Sofia said when she found out the great news. “oh my god!”

The 11-year-old received the heart transplant Monday afternoon.

Sofia was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and had been on the waiting list for eight weeks. She was visited by Drake after she recorded a video of herself doing the “In My Feelings” challenge.

Sofia is now recovering from the nine-hour surgery. Her family hopes to have her home by Thanksgiving.

Officials: 1st rabies death in Delaware since 1941

DOVER, Del. (AP) — Health officials say a Delaware woman has died from rabies, the first such death in the state since 1941.

The Delaware Division of Public Health said in a news release the unidentified woman lived in Kent County west of Felton.

According to the news release, the woman was admitted to a Delaware hospital in July after becoming ill. Officials say her condition quickly deteriorated and she was transferred to a Pennsylvania hospital for further treatment and testing.

The woman died last week. Test results did not confirm the presence of rabies until recently, and the source of the disease hasn’t been determined.

In 1941, a Newport boy died after being bitten by a stray dog.

Health and agriculture officials are asking residents to increase efforts to prevent exposure to rabies.

A Drexel nutrition professor tried the SUPER SIZE ME diet for a whole month and gained… one pound?

In the 2004 movie “Super Size Me,” director Morgan Spurlock ate only McDonald’s fare for a month. He ended up gaining a lot of weight, throwing up in a parking lot. It was not pretty.

But an assistant clinical professor of nutrition science at Drexel University felt that didn’t send the right message, so she decided to start her own four-week, McDonald’s-only diet.

Nyree Dardarian recorded everything she ate the month before the diet — and everything she consumed during her fast-food July. Her typical McDonald’s menu consisted of coffee and a parfait in the morning; either a sandwich or a salad for lunch and dinner; and some extra oatmeal or parfait that she brought home for a late-night snack.

She and her husband and three children went on a three-day trip to Boston, but she continued the McDonald’s diet.

“On our way up and back, we all got out, and we all ate at McDonald’s because they all had to accommodate me,” she said. “That was not easy … I ordered a lot at one time, and I kept it with me in the hotel room. We were going out and meeting people for dinner, and I couldn’t participate.”

What Dardarian missed most: bread or a carbohydrate without any meat (she found out some McDonald’s restaurants will let you order a plain bagel with cream cheese) and crunchy food.

“My weakness is Tostitos. So I will probably have about a handful of Tostitos a night, and I missed my Tostitos,” she said. “But I now I realize it’s not the Tostitos, it’s the crunch that I like … there’s nothing crunchy at McDonald’s.”

However, there are some things she didn’t order — and said she will never order — including a double quarter-pounder, because the nutritionist in her said it is a bad idea.

“If someone said, ‘You can have double your paycheck, you’d be pretty happy.’ Well, when it comes to double the fat and red meat portion of your meal, that’s never been something that people say you should double,” she said.

Milkshakes were off limits because they have more calories than a bowl of ice cream — and Dardarian finds the ice cream more satisfying. Likewise, the McDonald’s “big breakfast,” (eggs, sausage, hash browns and a biscuit) which has all the calories needed for a whole day in a single meal.

In the end, she managed to stick to her diet.

“This doesn’t fit into someone’s lifestyle, and I’m certainly not saying that this should be part of anyone’s lifestyle,” she said, adding that she will never repeat the experiment.

She gained only one pound, and her body fat and body mass index did not change. Because the number of calories she consumed every day did not change, that was not a surprise.

Dardarian said McDonald’s did not pay her, and no one knew she was doing this except her students and her family.

“I’m using McDonald’s as really the code word for fast food. This really applies to all fast-food restaurants. Fast food is around, fast food is here to stay, and we can’t blame the fast-food company for the impact that their food has on our body,” she said. “We need to take responsibility for that, so you can make healthier decisions and live with them.”

She also acknowledged the economics behind food selection.

“Some people are more privileged and are able to make those selections at the top of the pyramid, and others don’t,” Dardarian said. “But it doesn’t mean that they have to live in an unhealthy place because they’re there … you can make it more healthy.”

Weeks after her diet concluded, she dropped in to a McDonald’s where she ordered one of her favorite meals.

“I feel like someone’s going to judge me because of this, because I am still gladly eating a chicken sandwich,” Dararian said.

2018 NFL press box food spread ratings

Throughout the season, we’ll be posting press box food spread rankings for each of the Philadelphia Eagles’ road games. This is probably of no interest to you if you’re a sane human being, and, well, I don’t care. I’m doing this anyway.


What’d they have? Pregame, they had Caesar salad, various pasta salads, turkey and Italian hoagies, roasted veggies, chicken, New England clam chowder, cookies, fruit, Häagen Dasz ice cream bars, and Häagen Dasz ice cream. At halftime, they had some chicken Caesar wraps, and added a few different kinds of brownies.

Throughout the year, it will just be assumed that every team has bottled water, a soda machine, and coffee, unless otherwise noted.

What’d I have? Pregame, I had the Ceasar salad, and added chicken to it, two cookies (one with chocolate and peanut butter chips, and one chocolate cookie), and a tiny thing of ice cream, which was melted. It was almost like doing a shot of liquid ice cream, which was actually really good. At halftime, I had a chicken Caesar wrap and a brownie.

Grade: Overall, the food was good, but the pregame Caesar salad paired with the chicken Caesar wrap at halftime is some pretty uninspired repetitiveness. Still, not a bad effort for the preseason. I’ll give them a B+.


What’d they have? Pregame, they had a salad bar, bruschetta chicken, penne bolognese, green beans w/tomatoes, rice pilaf, beer brats, hot dogs, popcorn, and some assorted cakes and cookies. At halftime, they had giant pretzels. Postgame, they had mozzarella sticks and chicken wings.

What’d I have? Pregame, I had the bruscetta chicken, penne bolognese, and rice. I also had a hot dog, because it’s a common press box food, and I felt like the hot dog would help me differentiate from other press boxes. And I also managed to shove both a chocolate chip cookie and a piece of red velvet cake into my face. 

The chicken was tough, the penne bolognese was watery, the hot dog was just bad, and the cookie was arguably the worst of all the press box cookies in the NFL that I’ve tried. On the bright side, the rice pilaf was OK, as was the red velvet cake.

At halftime, I had the giant pretzel, and meh, it was OK. I think the perceived appeal of it is that it’s huge. Unfortunately, being a big pretzel is less important than being a good pretzel. Anyone can go back for seconds, so my preference would be to have a normal-sized pretzel, and if I really want to eat like I’m in a shame spiral, I can go back for more.

Postgame, I could tell the mozzarella stick was going to be awful, and it was. It’s hard to mess up mozzarella sticks. Then again, it’s hard to mis-evaluate Carson Wentz as badly as the Browns (and Cian Fahey) did. But ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The wings looked equally gross, so I didn’t even bother getting my fingers messy to try one.

Grade: I give the Browns credit for having a some variety. I remember covering the Eagles-Browns Week 1 game back in 2012, and they had little more than a basket of fruit. However, the food itself was mostly bad, and the setup was even worse.

The food was in this room in which the line went to the left upon entry. The first thing in the line is the salad bar, which takes the longest amount of time among any of the press box foods. You’ll have some dude getting individual pieces of lettuce with tongs, and then croutons, and then carrots, and then cucumbers, and then chopped up hard boiled eggs, and then dressing, etc etc. It just takes forever.

Normally, you’d be able to just skip ahead of the salad dorks, but that’s not an option in Cleveland, because the line extends outside the door. You can’t just walk into the room ahead of everyone else in line and be line, “Nah, it’s cool. I’m just getting a hot dog, bro.” Your ass is waiting in that line whether you want salad or not. Diagram here:


A much more line-friendly setup would be to switch the salad with the hot dogs. 

Anyway, I’ll give the Browns a D+.

Next up: Buccaneers

Season, to date

 Rank Team  Grade 
 1 Patriots  B+ 
 2 Browns  D+ 

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More than 200 people — including some dressed as 'Handmaids' — rallied in Philly to stop Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court

Seven Eagles land on ESPN's NFLRank Top 100 players of 2018 list

With the Philadelphia Eagles just 10 days away from kicking off the 2018 regular season against the Falcons at Lincoln Financial Field, ESPN has released its rankings of the top 100 players in the NFL — and the reigning world champs are well represented.

In all, the Eagles had seven players make the list, tied with the Vikings for the most in the NFL. And of those seven players, six are newcomers to the list. Talk about a Super Bowl bump. 

The highest-ranked player was quarterback Carson Wentz, who, at 17th overall, was the fourth-highest QB on the list behind Aaron Rodgers (1), Tom Brady (2) and Drew Brees (6). Other quarterbacks ranked near Wentz include Ben Roethlisberger (18), Russell Wilson (19), and Matt Ryan (21). 

17. Carson Wentz
     2017 RANK: N/A

Wentz finished second in the NFL with 33 touchdown passes last season, and ha was while missing three-plus games to end the season. He’s still on the mend from a torn ACL and LCL, but he will recapture the magic before long.  []

The only Eagles player making a return to the Top 100 is defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, who comes in at 29th, 28 spots better than a year ago. Only the Rams’ Aaron Donald was ranked ahead of Cox in terms of interior defensive lineman. Gerald McCoy (46) was the only other to crack the Top 50. 

29. Fletcher Cox
     2017 RANK: 57

Cox flies under the radar because of the position the plays, but he is a menace along het interior and one of the league’s best defenders. He had 36 quarterback pressures for the Super Bowl champs last season.  []

Lane Johnson, meanwhile, was the second-highest ranked offensive tackle behind Cowboys tackle Tyron Smith, and the third highest offensive lineman overall. 

54. Lane Johnson
     2017 RANK: N/A

When Johnson plays, he is dominant. Suspensions aside, he might be the best right tackle in football. Just ask Carson Wentz. Over the past two seasons, the Eagles are 17-4 when he is in the lineup — and 3-8 when he’s not.  []

Here’s a look at the other Eagles players to crack the top 100, all four of whom happen to be newcomers to the list (the number in parentheses indicates their positional ranking)… 

56. Malcolm Jenkins, Safety (4)  | 2017 RANK: N/A
79. Zach Ertz, Tight End (3) | 2017 RANK: N/A
94. Brandon Graham, Defensive End (14) | 2017 RANK: N/A
98. Jason Kelce, Center (3) | 2017 RANK: N/A

So how did ESPN come up with their top 100 players?

We asked a panel of ESPN NFL experts to rate players based on how good they will be in 2018, using a scale from 0-100. We asked them to not emphasize past performance or positional value — only greatness this season. We then averaged their ratings to create the top 100.  []

In case you’re wondering how the rest of the NFC East fared, the Cowboys had five players in Top 100 (led by Ezekiel Elliott at No. 15), while the Giants and Redskins had three each.

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Philly gamer shares Florida shooting experience

– After the tragic shooting at a gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, 31-year-old Philadelphia man Chris McFarland speaks out on his personal experience during the shooting.

McFarland is a top-flight gamer who was at the tournament when the shooting happened. He described the gaming community as a family and these tournaments as a safe place until Sunday night.

“I feel fine physically, mentally I’m very distraught and traumatized.  It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for the last 20 hours, like, what happened if I was in a different position, if he decided to shoot a couple more bullets, if he came in early when I was sitting in the seat.”

McFarland recalls his experience moments before a stray bullet grazed the side of his head. He said he was playing Madden, locked in on his 24-ing video screen in a tournament room full of players when 24-year-old David Katz entered and began firing a handgun into the crowd.

“Your first instinct is that it’s not a gunshot.  You think something went wrong with the speakers, or the electric blew up or something wild.  But then when you consistently hear shot after shot after shot, it’s something that, ‘okay, now somebody is shooting at us,” said McFarland.

He said he was just to the right of the shooter as he fired left. Instincts kicked in and he scrambled for safety.

“Just dropped to the floor and that’s when I looked back and I vividly saw the shooter emptying rounds out of his handgun into the crowd of people,” McFarland recounts.”I was balled up under the bar where I was playing my game, and at some point I got up and ran away into a bathroom with some other people, while my face was bleeding profusely.”

Two of McFarland’s friends and fellow competitors were killed- eight others were injured. When the shooting stopped, he emerged to find a scene of unspeakable horror.

“Running around, seeing the terror and the sheer shock on all my friends’ faces that I normally see filled with joy, is something I will never forget.”

McFarland says, like many people, he has watched coverage of mass shootings before. Unlike most, he has now lived through the terror.

“It really changes when you’re in the middle of the room getting shot at and you see your friends dead and that really puts a different spin on it,” he said.